Paul Brett
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Presenting the Paul Brett range of Signature Guitars crafted and released by Vintage. If you use this link; it’ll go directly to the product listings and the page has a “find a dealer link at the foot.

Paul Brett Signature 12 string - Electro - Acoustic. Fishman Pick Up.

Paul Brett Signature 6 tsring - Electro - Acoustic. Fishman Pick Up.

Paul Brett Viator Travel Guitar. No electrics.

Paul Brett Gemini dual Baritone and normal 6 string. Electro - Acoustic . 1st Test Baritone strings and Normal strings.

Paul Brett Viator Travel Guitar - Antique Finish - Fishman pick up and USB.

Paul Brett Statesboro Whisky Sour Range. Fantastic affordable range of acoustic & electro acoustic guitars/

Paul Brett Viaten Tenor Electro Acoustic with Fishman Pick Up and USB.

The Statesboro’. The Ultimate tribute 12 string to Blind Willie McTell. Fishman pup.

Paul Brett Viator 12 string  Travel Guitar. Fishman  Pick Up and USB.